Vote No On Prop 51

Proposition 51 would re-allocate nearly $1 billion from the state’s General Fund every year to 45 specific projects and 17 categories of spending. Prop 51 would require the State to spend this money every year, regardless of the state deficit and whether or not there are more pressing issues. Forcing spending in this manner, without regard for more pressing needs is bad for California, which is why it’s important to not only vote no on prop 51, but to spread the word to your friends and family to vote no on prop 51 as well. Prop 51 would dig California into an even deeper deficit hole than we currently face, and we as Californians have to put a stop to measures which constantly add to the deficit.

You can find out more information on how Proposition 51 would affect you by going to the questions and answers page.


Vote No On Prop 51 would like to thank some of the local California companies:

No on Proposition 51 Committee
926 J Street, Suite 710, Sacramento, CA 95814