No on Proposition 51 Committee
926 J Street, Suite 710, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916·446·4300 – Fax: 916·444·6611

Organizations that oppose Proposition 51

California State Association of Counties
League of Women Voters California
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
National Tax Limitation Committee
California Tax Reform Association
California Taxpayers’ Association
People’s Advocate
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Service Employees International Union Local 535
El Dorado County Transportation Commission
City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County
San Bernardino Associated Governments
Butte County Association of Governments
Calaveras Council of Government
Lake County/City Area Planning Council
County of Marin, Administrator’s Office
County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors
San Joaquin Council of Governments
Stanislaus Council of Governments
Transportation Agency for Monterey County
Placer County Transportation Planning Agency
San Diego Taxpayers Association
Taxpayers Against Pork Projects
Heroes of Social Work Campaign
DHS Transportation Forum
Friends of Southern California’s Highways
Friends Committee on Legislation
Fair Transit
Rescue Muni
The Sacramento Head Start Alumni Association
Children’s Advocacy Institute
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth
City of Brea, Mayor Pro Tem Bev Perry
City of Dinuba